Don’t Move Firewood! – Regulations in Effect

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation & Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

By transporting firewood, you could be spreading diseases and invasive insects that can quickly kill large numbers of trees. New York State has several counties with known forest pest infestations, and if firewood continues to be transported across the state, these infestations will rapidly spread.

Please do not transport untreated* firewood to state lands, campgrounds or parks — only bring heat treated firewood or obtain firewood at or near the campground. For more information on the availability of firewood please contact the campground directly.

New York State is considering a ban on all untreated firewood from entering state owned lands including state campgrounds and parks in the near future.

Help SLOW THE SPREAD and obey the Firewood Regulation:

  • It is illegal to bring untreated firewood into New York State.
  • It is illegal to transport untreated firewood more than 50 miles from its source.
  • When transporting untreated firewood within 50 miles of its source, you must carry proof of source (such as a receipt or self-issued certificate of source**) or you may be subject to a fine.
  • Please be aware that certain states and counties/areas within New York State have quarantines that further restrict the movement of firewood: Emerald ash borer quarantines, Asian longhorned beetle quarantines.

For more information visit or call toll free 1-866-640-0652 Firewood Source Area Maps showing a 50 mile distance from DEC campgrounds are available. These maps can also be found at each campground’s information page.
*To be considered treated, firewood must be heat-treated (kiln-dried) to a minimum core temperature of 71 degrees Celsius (165 F) for 75 minutes, and must be labeled as such. Firewood that meets these standards and is labeled as such can be moved into the state and around the state without restriction.
**The self-issued certificate of source is required for those who are transporting firewood that they did not purchase, such as from their own property to a campground.